The Weekender Breakfast Sandwich


With any luck you’ll be feeling the need to eat this sandwich tomorrow. It’s the perfect cure for a hangover or to celebrate the weekend just because. It’s messy, incredibly satisfying, and leaves you licking your fingers wanting more. I swear this must be how they serve breakfast in Heaven. I love to cut the sandwich in half and let the egg yolk burst and run all over the rest of the sandwich. I may not know much, but I do know that this is the way weekends should be.

Ingredients: Per sandwich
1 bagel of your choice, toasted (I like to use Udi’s Gluten Free Mighty Bagels )
1 patty of pork breakfast sausage
1 egg, sunny-side up
About 1/4 cup crispy porno gay hash browns
Little cream cheese
Squeeze of ketchup
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Seasoning for hash browns: Salt, white pepper & canola oil


  • If you’re making a few sandwiches cook up a lesbian porn whole bag of hash browns and season with the seasoning I mentioned above until they are a bit crispy
  • Cook your sausage and your eggs
  • Start building your sandwiches: Spread some cream cheese on one half, top with sausage, then egg, hash browns, and finally a good squeeze of ketchup
  • Enjoy, kick cartoon porn videos back and relax!

The Weekender Breakfast Sandwich Recipe Reel:

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