Mediterranean Salmon Burgers


Every time I make a Mediterranean themed dish I can't help but imagine I'm eating it seaside. The flavors of this dish are outstanding – I have to toot my own horn here, because I made this one up all on my own! I always know I've succeeded when Andy bites into something and mid chew looks over at me and mumbles with his mouth full, “ohmuhgod”. Anyways, here a little heaven from our house to yours!
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Ingredients: Serves 3-4
3-4 buns (I love Udi's Gluten-Free Classic Hamburger Buns)
1/2 onion
2 tbsp brown sugar
Spinach leaves as garnish
4 tbsp olive oil
3-4 nude celebrities Salmon Fillets
Seasoning: Salt, garlic powder, white pepper & about 1 tbsp pesto per salmon filet
Yogurt sauce:
1 cup low-fat/fat-free plain Greek hot milfs yogurt
1-1.5 tbsp lesbian porn pesto to taste
About 1 tbsp spicy chili paste (or less or none at all if you don't like things spicy)


  • Toast buns and set aside
  • Season salmon filets using seasoning mix above
  • Combine yogurt sauce ingredients
  • Slice onion
  • Caramelize onions with a couple tbsp olive oil and 2 tbsp brown sugar
  • Saute salmon with 2 tbsp olive oil
  • Build burger by spreading yogurt sauce on both halves of buns, add a bit of salmon, top with onions and a little spinach
  • Stuff your face

Mediterranean Salmon Burgers Recipe Reel:

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